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Fans of Threshold

we have just found proof of intelligent alien life

Fans of the new show Threshold on CBS
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Welcome to Threshold_cbs @ lj. This community is for all Threshold related discussion, icons, episode speculation, fanfic, artwork etc... Anything Threshold related basically.

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The mods are Caity [aka caitycaitycaity] and Laney [aka paintedrainbows]. We're more than happy to answer any questions you may have, just email on the address given above.

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LJ cuts - If you're posting large images, or just a very long post, please put it behind a cut.

Trolls - If you see someone trolling/harassing you or someone else in this community, please email one of the mods at the group email above. We read every entry and the comments, but you may catch it before we do. Please let us know.

Off-topic posts - This community is specifically to discuss Threshold, hence the community name. No off-topic posts please. That's what instant messaging is for.

Friends only? - Hypothetically speaking, if you were going to offer up a legitimate and legal download that could be mistaken for an illegal download, you would want to make that post friends-only. FYI.

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We can be contacted through the email listed above, and Laney will get back to you as soon as she can, or alternatively through our personal LJ's.

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